The method of removing excess fat surgically is intended for patients with stable weight, because weight changes cause inconsistent results. During lipomodelling, the removed volume of fat is purified and injected into areas with volume deficit (with liposuction the fat is utilized).

How lipoclasis is performed?

Unnecessary dimensions of the body are caused by two types of fat tissue:

  • Subcutaneous fat is located superficially, not deep under the skin, removes rather quickly by diets and exercises.
  • Reserve fat deposition is located deeper in a dense capsule. This fat is hormone-related to the body and is used in the extreme case. With physical activity, restrictions in food, the body is extremely reluctant to get rid of this deposition. To break down fat, the effect of vacuum energy is used (laser, ultrasound, radio waves, water, etc.). The fat is removed in the form of a suspension, then it is either utilized or purified and injected into the zones that are planned to be increased (breast, buttocks, cheekbones, lips) using lipomodelling method.

Face improvement

Perform an experiment: fix a large earring with a piece of tape on the cheek and see how the tissue sag under its weight. The excess grams of fat on the face act similarly, leading to premature ptosis. Removing them will save from:

  • asymmetries due to uneven distribution of excess weight;
  • a round face with a delicate figure;
  • massive oval;
  • fat hernias on the upper eyelids, under the eyes at the junction with the cheekbones.

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    Chin and neck liposuction

    This area and the neck ages and sags earlier than others. Especially with sedentary work, bad posture, the habit of hunching and sitting bending forward for hours at the computer. Chin liposuction will help to form a clear neck-chin angle, a well shaped profile. It eliminates loose jowls, the so-called “second chin”, makes the face visually younger, more accurate, helps to look a few years younger.

    Abdominal liposuction

    Дает возможность выстроить гармоничный силуэт даже при типе фигуры «яблоко». Наименее травматичной считается лазерная методика – луч разбивает жировые депо, которые затем выводятся из организма. Дополнительный бонус от процедуры – стимуляция клеток к самоомоложению.

    В зависимости от масштабов коррекции за один раз можно удалить:

    • 2,5 литра – малый объем вмешательства;
    • 5 и более литров – большая коррекция;
    • 8-10 – мегабольшая.

    Work with other parts of the body

    Abdominal liposuction is a popular procedure, but not the only one. The method will remove the excess from:

    • buttocks;
    • back;
    • knees;
    • calves;
    • hips;
    • saddlebags;
    • arms, hands.

    The cost of the operation is calculated according to the zones after the examination by a surgeon.