Multiple Surgeries

Nipples and areoles correction is performed for women and men for different purposes:

  • It helps women to form sexual sensual forms.
  • Strong sex – to get rid of gynecomastia (swelling of the mammary glands).
  • In both cases, the operation helps to form the areolar spot and the nipple protuberance with athelium – its congenital or acquired absence.

Retracted nipples: correcting the situation

Retraction is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a physiological one; it prevents the breastfeeding of the baby. Depending on the future plans of the woman and the state of the nipple protuberance, a proper method is selected:

  • With cutting of connective tissue and preservation of the milk ducts.
  • With dissection of the milk ducts.

In the latter case, after the nipples correction, it will be impossible to feed the baby naturally. It is recommended for women who have given birth or do not plan to feed with breast milk. Even with a sparing first variant, no doctor will give one hundred percent guarantee that by eliminating the retracted nipples, it will be possible to maintain the patency of the ducts. You must consider the risks and be aware of the consequences of this step.

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    Nipple reduction

    It is performed by two methods:

    1. The upper part of the nipple protrusion is removed, the remaining part is sutured.
    2. The entire surface is removed, then the top is sewn back. If it is required to reduce the width, 1/3 of the tissues are excised, suture material is applied to the wound.

    IMPORTANT! A reduction of nipples always leads to the inability to feed a baby naturally.

    Areola change

    It may relate to areolar form, size, position. It is indicated with:

    • hypertrophy;
    • stretching in one direction;
    • asymmetry;
    • ugly contours;
    • injuries of nipple-areolar complex.

    It is performed by circular excision of the skin around the areola, then indented along a similar contour. The excess area is removed, stitches are got.

    Operating a breast crease

    Complex asymmetry requires an integrated method: a combination of implants, tightening, reduction of one side. Simple cases allow to do with changing the position of the breast crease. Manipulation is effective when with prosthetics, one implant drops below another. This is a simple procedure and it takes 15-30 minutes, is well tolerated.

    A more serious but a performable task is the elimination of “double bubble”, a double fold after implantation. The defect is caused by the flowing down of glandular tissue around the implant, the skin memory when it does not take a new shape, the formation of fibrosis, squeezing the capsule of the prosthesis.

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