Superior sulcus hollowing and lowered corners of the eyes can add years even to a young woman. Eyelid blepharoplasty will help to correct these problems for a long time. It will give:

  • a young and open look;
  • no wrinkles;
  • visual anti-aging of the face.

What are the type of eyelid lift?

  • Upper.
  • Lower.
  • Transconjunctival.
  • Circular.

It is performed as a separate or combined operation. A complex top-bottom eyelid lift – a circular blepharoplasty, that allows to achieve pronounced anti-aging even after 50 years. The surgery gives a result that even the most advanced cosmetic procedures cannot compare with. Taking into account that they have to be regularly repeated at a significant cost, an eyelid plasty is more profitable in the long run.

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    Upper lift

    A surgery is performed with general or intravenous anesthesia for 30-90 minutes, depending on the amount of work. The surgeon excises fat depots, skin excess, forms a new contour and makes intradermal sutures. An incision is made inside the natural skin fold – in future, the scar will not be visible. The procedure helps to get rid of:

    • fat hernias;
    • overhanging motionless eyelid;
    • deep folds of the movable eyelid;
    • wrinkles;
    • sagginess;
    • lowered corners of the eyes.

    If to combine the operation with forehead endolift or SMAS lifting, it will be possible to turn back the time and become 10-15 years younger. Moreover, the result will maintain for a long time!

    Lower eyelid plasty

    An incision is made along the natural skin fold under the ciliary line, so that when healing the scar is not visible under the cilia. The surgeon removes layer by layer the skin and excess subcutaneous tissue, dissects them, fixes the edges of the wound and makes a cosmetic suture. After healing, the skin lifts, and the face freshens.

    The manipulations are performed with general anesthesia for 30-90 minutes and help to solve the following problems:

    • Remove excess skin that forms deep creases and nasolacrimal folds.
    • Eliminate a fine mesh of wrinkles (crow’s feet).
    • Get rid of bags under the eyes, which are fat hernias and do not disappear with masks, creams and injections.
    • Lift the corners of the eyes (sad expression).

    Transconjunctival eyelid blepharoplasty

    It is recommended for young and supple skin that does not need to be dissected. It allows to remove fat hernias (bags) under the eyes without scars – the access is performed from the inside – from the sclera. This is the main difference from the previous operation. It is carried out under general anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia for 30-90 minutes.

    The traditional scalpel method was replaced by a less traumatic laser method – it shortens the recovery period and increases the accuracy of manipulation to microns.

    You can ask all questions and choose the proper method in a personal consultation with Dr. George Hamati.