Breast Augmentation

The term “mammoplasty” is familiar to every patient who is unsatisfied with the size, shape, height of breast. A series of diverse operations allows to perform various manipulations to improve the breast comprehensively:

  • augmentation with implants;
  • lipofilling (by own fat);
  • with simultaneous lifting;
  • correction of a tubular or simply ugly form;
  • asymmetry;
  • prosthetics after a single and bilateral mastectomy (organ removal for medical reasons);
  • correction of amastia (congenital absence of mammary glands);
  • consequences of injuries.

Mammoplasty is not just a way to make breasts beautiful

This operation is considered aesthetic, but actually it solves several related problems:

  • Relieves psychological discomfort ans woman’s self-doubt.
  • Helps to gain high self-esteem, relax in an intimate surroundings, enjoy the intimacy.
  • Congenital or acquired asymmetry of the mammary glands leads to curvature of the thoracocervical spine, improper posture, and displacement of internal organs. The surgery removes these potential health problems.
  • A similar situation occurs when a woman has one of the mammary glands removed.
  • Consequences of unsuccessful previous plastic surgeries can lead to congestion, the need to correct them is also a matter of maintaining health.

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    Breast: augmentation with implants or lipofilling – which is better?

    Each of the methods has its own features:

    • Lipofilling

    It allows to augment and make the breast one size larger, but at the same time changes the shape where it is not available to do with the implants. For example, to form a beautiful hollow with sensual bends, to work out some areas without making fundamental changes in appearance. Own fat is not rejected by the body, is not prone to necrosis, is well taken, and recovery is faster. Part of the fat cells may resolve, but the procedure can be repeated safely, the puncture areas heal quickly and are invisible. Moreover, due to liposuction, the donor zone improves, this is important for women who have fat traps on their bodies.

    • Implant prosthetics

    It gives a cardinal effect 0 it is possible to make breasts 2 or more sizes larger at once. Rehabilitation takes more time, but the result lasts longer. There are incision scars, but they are hidden in a breast crease in the axillary cavity or they are along the areola of the nipple. Endoprosthetics can be combined with lifting if there is ptosis.

    What to choose is to decide each individual case!