Face Lift

Years leave traces not only on the skin, but also on soft tissues. It is impossible to stop aging by lifting the oval of the face for a long time; moreover, the expression of the face will be unnatural. SMAS-lifting suggests lifting of all layers that are responsible for the formation of a clear face contour, including muscle and fat.


The effect is aimed at correcting the points where muscles and dermis shifted with age are fixed. Placing them to their original place, the doctor returns the lost youth to the face features. The operation gives a more pronounced, natural and durable result than traditional plasty.

Other advantages of the method:

  • postoperative scars are in places invisible to others;
  • deep folds are effectively corrected;
  • the lowered buccal and zygomatic area rises;
  • the method is combined with others.


SMAS-facelift is a popular anti-age complex, combined with platysmaplasty (neck lift). The combined method solves age-related problems for women and men 45-50 years old:

  • Forms a lifted cervical – genian angle.
  • Restores the facial oval.
  • Removes “loose jowls”, nasolabial creases.
  • Returns the muscular structure.

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    Platysmaplasty (neck lift)

    Younger patients of 35-45 years old are recommended platysm correction – the subcutaneous muscle of the neck. It is known that it ages first, and if the face reacts well to face-building exercises, beauty injections, and massage, then this area is less responsive to cosmetic procedures. Platysmoplasty allows to get anti-aging effect for 10-12 years.

    Endoscopic lifting of the middle zone

    A circular SMAS-lift with typhlopexy of muscles works out well the face oval on the sides and bottom part. Before the invention of endolift, it was visible that the patient resorted to plastic surgery – with lifted contours, the middle of the face was sagging. Now it is possible to work with the soft tissues of individual areas.

    In the middle zone, endoscopic lifting allows to get 7-10 years younger:

    • deep folds of the nasolabial zone;
    • malar bags (edematic “slipping” areas between the cheekbones and eyes);
    • sagging nasolacrimal grooves.

    Endoscopic forehead lift

    It makes a 3D eyebrow lift, lifts the eyes – the look becomes open and young. Cosmetic Botox injections do this in one point, temporarily making the eyebrows look like a “house”, and the result lasts for six months. With surgical operation, the effect is more persistent and natural, it lasts 10-15 years.

    Eyebrow endolift

    Temporal lifting is aimed at correcting crotaphic and eyebrow zone. It is recommended for:

    • vertical creases above the nose;
    • lowering of one eyebrow – age asymmetry;
    • low eyebrows location (sullen look);
    • superior sulcus hollowing;
    • fat hernias.

    Chin endoprosthetics

    Mentoplasty refers to the methods for restoring harmonious proportions of the chin. It is either increased (with underdevelopment of the lower jaw), or corrected. The method helps to achieve a clearly shaped chin angle, smooth contours of the zone, due to which there is a pronounced anti-age effect.