Breast Lift

Mammary gland lifting is necessary with ptosis development – age-related sagging of the breast. It is caused by the following factors:

  • Age-related changes under the external influence.
  • Significant weight changes: a quick weight loss, or a quick weight gain.
  • Childbirth, breastfeeding, especially repeated.
  • Genetically determined early ptosis.
  • Reduced endocrine profile.
  • Various kinds of operations on the breast.
  • Underwear with insufficient support.

Is there an alternative to mastopexy?

Massage, vacuum procedures, creams, cosmetic procedures are not able to correct radically the situation. The only thing that can restore the breast – a lifting by surgery.

An alternative to surgery is a thread lifting (implantation of self-absorbable threads). A cosmetic procedure is not cheap, the effect lasts for six months, then it should be repeated. The cost calculation shows that a one-time surgery is economically more profitable – the result lasts 10-15 years, and it is much more visible.

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    Choosing a breast lifting method

    The doctor will consider the following parameters:

    • presence/absence of asymmetry;
    • breast size;
    • degree of ptosis;
    • the presence of overstretched skin along the diameter of the areola;
    • tendency to stretch marks;
    • other factors.

    These parameters determine the method by which the breast will be corrected. A lifting can be combined with the use of implants, if there is a desire to increase the size of the breast and make a push-up effect.

    Correction methods

    • With sagging breast and excess skin, mastopexy can be performed without the use of implants.
    • With gigantomastia, the operation is combined with reduction mammoplasty – volume reduction.
    • Insignificant ptosis, elastic skin, and a woman’s desire to increase size are indications to do with implants.
    • Surgical lifting + lipofilling will help to lift the shape and change individual areas.

    Types of access

    • Endoscopic – It suggests small punctures and manipulations through them. This method minimizes tissue injuries compared to the classic method. It is more expensive due to the use of high-tech equipment.
    • Periareolar – It suggests the exsection of excess skin, fat and glandular tissue around the areola. It is used for women who do not plan breastfeeding in further.
    • Vertical – Access is performed through incisions above the mammary glands and along the edges.
    • Anchor – It is effective with significant ptosis, a large volume that needs to be reduced. The incisions are made in a shape resembling an anchor: around the nipples, vertically down, then in a semicircle along the breast crease.

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