George Hamati, MD Plastic surgery

Four professional creeds of the doctor:

  • Quick recovery after surgery.
  • Use of new methods.
  • Use of only registered and certified materials.
  • Individual approach.

No. 1. Quick recovery after surgery

Satisfactory general condition during the first day after most operations. Many manipulations are performed outpatient or releasing within 3-5 hours.

No. 2. Use of new methods

Operations of fast-track Europrotocol and other innovations in use: they help to make preparation for the operation easy, the recovery period extremely short, and possible risks for the patient minimal.

No. 3. Use of only registered and certified materials

Reliable and high-quality implants are a guarantee of safety and long service for the patient. It is unnecessary to change implants due to the loss of operational properties and bear the associated expenses. The use of originally high-quality materials reduces the need for further replacement.

No. 4. Individual approach

The beauty standards require uniformity (large breasts, plush lips, thin nose), but standardization of the approach in aesthetic surgery is unacceptable. The key principle of George Hamati is to make a plastic surgeon an individual assistant for each patient, to see his perfect image and help to perform it, preserving a special appeal.

Plastic surgeon George Hamaty


Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Face Lift

Let’s get acquainted, I’m a plastic surgeon George Hamati

Two features distinguish me…

The first feature is that I am a perfectionist

My life credo is: “Do your best at hundred percent in everything you do”. Whether it is education to which I have dedicated and dedicate now a significant part of my life, or work. I think this is exactly what a professional plastic surgeon should be – scrupulous, unable to bear even smallest imperfections. The official website where you are now will allow you to get acquainted with my work, to make sure that I choose for each my patient the most effective methods to improve appearance and health based on high technologies.

My second feature relates to this

I practice in Moscow and Beirut, study in Europe and Russia, communicate with international experts from different countries. This all allows to combine advanced experience of plastic surgery clinics in various parts of the world. To study their traditions, choose methods that are at the forefront of modern medical achievements, based on the latest clinical studies, taking into account the proven knowledge of the old school.

The principles that I use in my work are presented below:

  • I perform the operations myself, participate in the patient’s recovery, and accompany him until full recovery. I give my personal phone number so that the operated person can ask questions at any time. It is important for me that the person feels as calm as possible.
  • The plastic surgery clinic should not change the patient radically, but it only helps to look younger, fresher, and to find your best.
  • Plastic surgery is a synergy of science and art, taking the best of both areas.
  • My mantra is “Some shine brighter than others, but each shines in his own way”.
  • I’m not afraid to tell the patient “no” if I see that the operation will harm the health and have contraindications.
Plastic surgeon George Hamaty

If we are on the same wavelength, I invite you to a personal consultation. It does not oblige you to decide on the operation, but helps to get new ideas, to learn the opinion of a specialist with international experience on the possibility of transforming your appearance.