Abdominoplasty is recommended for those who:

  • quickly lost weight;
  • even with regular training, cannot remove fat traps in the lower part of the body;
  • have age-related sagging skin after pregnancy and childbirth;
  • want to get rid of deforming scars after operations, injuries;
  • have a weakened muscular corset, weak press.

With what abdominoplasty will help?

It is performed on the anterior abdominal wall with the following aim:

  • lift muscles that have lost tone;
  • remove skin excess;
  • smooth unsatisfactory flaccid relief after losing weight;
  • remove the “apron” of subcutaneous fat with traces of ptosis (sagging);
  • return the figure a fit look.

Abdominoplasty can be combined with suturing of diastasis, removal of hernias. Another variant for combined surgery is supplementation with liposuction or lipomodelling.

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    A small correction is performed when the volume of the skin-fat apron is moderate and the omphalus is not required to be moved. Unlike full abdominoplasty, it is less traumatic and cheaper. It can be made:

    • with excision of excess skin;
    • with suturing of parted/weak abs muscles;
    • with skin tension, so that the umbilical ring lifts slightly;
    • with the removal of fat (liposuction).

    Omphalus correction

    The correct location of the umbilical ring is strictly in the midline of the press, in the center of the body. Due to excess weight, pregnancy, it sometimes moves much lower. Even losing weight does not always help to return it back – a reduced volume of subcutaneous tissue leads to sagging and an even more displacement of the omphalus down. It looks unnatural, encourages the patient to solve the problem in the only possible effective way – surgical.

    If there are no hernias and diastasis, low-traumatic endoscopic methods are possible. Otherwise, abdominoplasty with umbilical ring transfer is performed. This is serious sergery, which lasts up to 5 hours, and has a serious recovery period.


    It suggests a different location of incisions depending on the type of surgical method:

    • above the pubis;
    • horizontally along the white line;
    • above the folds of the groin.

    Based on the patient’s state, tissue separation is performed, muscle layers are strengthened, and skin excess is removed. After the muscle wall is re-modeled, stitches are got.

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