The method consists in transferring the patient’s own fat tissue from the zone where there is its excess to volume deficit zone. The percentage of survival of adipocytes (fat cells) depends on the zone – the highest is for buttock lipofilling.

Method advantages

  • There is no necrosis, allergies, rejection of donor material (it is its own for the body).
  • The taking is made by a cannula, it moves apart, but not cuts the tissue, minimally traumatizing it.
  • The entry points completely heal – there are no scars.

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    Facial lipofilling: what results to expect?

    • It smoothes angular lineaments.
    • Emphasizes
    • Give clearness to an indistinct oval.
    • Return volumes with a “drying out” type of aging.
    • Make fallen cheeks more feminine.
    • Correct nasolabial folds, vertical wrinkle on the nose.
    • Fill nasolacrimal groove, removing the tired look.

    After transplantation of the own fat, the zone experiences self-rejuvenation effect. Moreover, in 3-4 months the patient looks more effective than in 30 days. The growth factors stimulate the production of collagen, hyaluron and elastin. The skin looks smooth, nourished, its tone improves.

    There is one detail! Facial lipofilling is not performed if the patient has his own extra volumes. This will not help to smooth wrinkles and remove skin excess. It is possible to move fat from the problem zone to where there is not enough, for example, from the cheeks to the nasolacrimal groove.

    Breast lipofilling: what volumes it is possible to add?

    The procedure will not give a significant effect, but it is possible to add 1 size (up to 450 ml). The real value of the operation is the ability to perfect the shape of the breast:

    • Remove asymmetry.
    • Correct the upper or lower third of the mammary glands.
    • Form a sensual hollow.
    • Reduce interpectoral space.
    • Reduce or remove tubularity.

    The advantages of breast lipofilling:

    • natural result (nobody will guess about the operation);
    • no implants and associated risks (fibrous squeezing of capsules, disruption due to injuries and accidents);
    • preserved ability to feed the baby;
    • quick rehabilitation;
    • simultaneous removal of fat in the donor zone.

    Interesting facts about the operation

    • Some persos have up to 90% of preserved fat, others no more than 60% – it is impossible to predict the result before the first manipulation.
    • Repeatable procedures are
    • The maximum amount of adipocytes that can be injected during buttocks lipofilling is 1 liter into each one. There will be no effect of Kim Kardashian – implants are needed, but the volume will increase noticeably.
    • Fat is not fixed – it is located freely after the injection, but does not migrate/slip down/shift.